Environmentally Friendly Ink

TZV-2 Series alcohol and ester soluble PVC printing ink technology


Tuozhan TM TZV-2 series alcohol and ester soluble PVC printing ink is the new generation of environmental-friendly PVC printing ink that has been developed by our company. The printing product has excellent abrasion resistance, freezing resistance, wonderful adhesion and resistance to heat shrinkage. This product mainly uses alcohol and ester as retarder thinner. It can be used for the printing and processing of mineral water, beverage bottle, cosmetic bottle, other containers as well as the trademark for dry battery.

  • Range of applications

    This product can be applied to print PVC heat-contraction membrane.

  • Product characters

    1. Excellent whiteness, high saturation, contains over 50% of solid in ink, outstanding resistance to dilute, exquisite quality.

    2. Wonderful water-proofing and anti-freezing quality, as well as sliding and heat-contracting quality.

    3. The adopted solvent for ink is environmental-friendly and cheap, which would not be eroded or dissolved by PVC thin film.

    4. The product can be adapted to various machine speed with a good printing adaptability and outstanding transformation performance.

  • Notes

    1. Please adequately shake and mix before using the oil to keep the excellent fluidity.

    2. Excessive kentone solvent should not be added into the used dilution solvent, or it may cause the PVC contraction film to transform or break.

    3. The quality guarantee period for the product is one year. The oil should not be mixed with oil of other types in case of printing quality and performance.

    4. The product could not print soft and hard PVC film.

  • Using reminders

    1. Printing viscosity: the printing viscosity relies on the adjustment of condition factors as printing speed and the depth of plate. We normally dilute alcohol and ester-soluble PVC oil in 13~16s/(25°C) 3# zhne cup.

    2. Dilution solvent (Recommended formula)



    White  Ink

    Colored ink





    95%  ethyl alcohol





    Ethyl  acetate





    Butyl  ester



    * Part methyl alcohol could be used as substitute for alcohol if the condition allows.

    * As the alcohol dilution solvent would absorb humidity in printing, the plate may be blocked. So the environmental humidity under 80% is suggested.

    3. Industrial requirements: set reasonable settings based on various speed, climate, printing area and depth of plate. Increase the temperature and strength of wind in the printing oven is suggested as alcohol solvent contains some water, so as to guarantee a full dry printing.

    Our product has been used by many and reported an excellent reflection. We have conducted thorough quality control and factory-leaving test for the producing processes. As the conditions and methods are beyond our control, please carry out necessary experiments before using. Our company will not take any responsibility for any possible questions.

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