Chengdu Tuozhan New Materials Co., Ltd. founded in 1995, the company covers an area of 80,000 square meters and annual production capacity of 20,000 tons.Companies specializing in plastic gravure inks and development and production of printing ink resins, south west China's largest production and sales of environmentally friendly ink gravure manufacturing enterprises,won the nationalhigh-tech enter prisesin Sichuan Province building an innovation-oriented enter prisestitle.

The company passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification and OHAS18001: 1999O cupational Health and Safety Management System Certification; National Science and Technology and the Ministry of Financeis the key support ofhigh-tech enterprises, involved inthe development of national SEPA environmental gravurest and ardwork, was included in the Sichuan Science and Technology support Program. Enterpriseal soreceived a number of municipal, provincial and national awards and honorary certificates. Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Agency awarded the company set up agreen ink Sichuan Engineering Technology Research Center.

Company Institute and the Chinese Academy of Sciences has a long-term, close and successful cooperation.After 10 years,successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights and environmental protection ink-"prop" exhibition brand alcohol aqueous plastic composite intaglio printing ink. The product does not contain benzene and ketones, safe, non-toxic, health, and environmental protection.By SGS testing, the heavy metalindicators than European standards, access to the Chinese environmental labeling certification of green products, and achieved national invention patent certificate, certified by the PANTONE color standards, to fill the vacancy of domestic and foreign technology printing ink industry.Products available in volume since 2007, has covered Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hubei, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan and other places, the rapidrise insales, steadily established a mature market channels and good corporate reputation, the industry constantly improve visibility.

Tuozhan through the company'stechnical team will work closely with thescientific research and technologyinstitutions, the effort to buildthe topplatformof plastic gravure printing ink technology, and as a platform for support, to seize the current world environmental protection ink product up grade opportunities, adhere to the development of environmentally friendly products road,continue to develop more new products, continued to improvetechnical services,expand the domestic market share,increase international market share, providing the most secure product support for the food and pharmaceutical packaging.And strive to becomethe domestic plastic gravure printing ink industry leader inenvironmental protection. Tro pschex hibition will work with clients and colleagues, to jointly promote the sustainable development of Chineseink cause of the motherland contribute to the cause of green ink.


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